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tire shop portland orVisit Ken Van Damme’s Automotive’s car repair shop and tire store in Portland at any time and enjoy an unmatched collection of all types of tire styles, models, and trusted brands. Our competitive prices and inventory on high-quality tires for all types of vehicles makes us a one-stop shop. In addition to selling new tires, we also install, balance, rotate, and service them. Come to us for wheel alignment and even tire repair.

Our team will listen to you, your driving habits, and your budget and then help you narrow down tires that are the best fit.

Get quality tires for less

All of our pricing is upfront and transparent. You will never deal with any hidden fees. Our tire sales include installation and balancing. We offer an itemized, written cost estimate for the tires you want and can even print out comparison costs so you can make the best decision for your goals and your budget.

Why should you make us your local tire store?

  1. We aren’t just a tire shop, we are your full tire service center. If you need your tires balanced, rotated, aligned, or suspect other issues, we can diagnose and repair it. As an auto repair shop, we understand how tires work with the rest of your vehicle. We can diagnose your issues before you replace your tires. That way if the problem isn’t related, you don’t waste money on new tires!
  2. We are an all-season tire provider. You’ll get to choose from the latest models and the most trusted brands. We have a wide range of stock that includes winter tires, summer tires, mud tires and all-season tires. Tell us how you drive, when you drive most often, and whether you drive on rough roads. We’ll help you choose the best tire for your needs whether you want tight handling, higher gas mileage, or a long-lasting tire.
  3. Get competitive tire prices and great coverage. We stand behind our tires. Years working with the same local tire supplier has provided us with great pricing. This lets us pass savings onto our customer. Not only that, when we work on your tires we inspect surrounding areas as well. A tire only shop won’t have mechanics working on your vehicle. Taking your car to the other guys can leave leaks, worn brakes, rotted lines, and other issues unnoticed.
    1. Get free flat repairs when you buy your tires from us.
    2. We provide free tire rotations on most vehicles.

Our tire selection includes tires for foreign and domestic cars, pickup trucks, fleet vehicles, vans, SUVs, and light-duty trucks. We have seasonal winter tires and tires made for traction during heavy rains.

We Carry Michelin, Goodyear Tires, and More

If you are not sure what type of tires you need for your vehicle, our knowledgeable and friendly staff will make a recommendation. We keep a large selection available at all times, so you are sure to find what you need. We offer brand names, like:

Tire Brands Include:Tire Types Include
GoodyearSummer Tires
BridgestoneWinter Tires
MastercraftMud Tires
CooperStudded Tires
FirestoneSnow Tires
ContinentalTruck Tires
YokohamaOversize Tires

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Quality Tire Sales in Portland

As a full-service tire shop, our team assists with every aspect of your tires, from advising you of their current condition and recommending when you will need a new set, to helping you select the right tires for your usage and the season, and maintaining your tires by balancing and rotating them to improve their longevity.

Because we sell trusted brands, our tires come with some of the best factory warranties available. We stand by our products and services. Ask us about the warranty on the tires you want to buy.

Don’t wait until you get a flat or your tires are worn bald. Contact us and let us keep you safe on the road.

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