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How to Choose a Quality Auto Repair Shop?

Posted on by Ken-admin

We all know that automotive repairs can be expensive, and it’s hard to tell whether you’re getting a good deal […]

What Happens If My Vehicle Fails the Oregon Emissions Test?

Posted on by Ken-admin

Did You Fail the Oregon State Emissions Test? Don’t worry; all hope is not lost. Even if your vehicle failed […]

How to Get Your Car Summer Road Trip Ready

Posted on by Ken-admin

Planning a Summer Road Trip? Avoid Car Repair by Following this Checklist Summer is coming to Portland. Many Portlanders are […]

Why Isn’t My Car Heater Working?

Posted on by Ken-admin

Reasons Why Your Car Heater Isn’t Working and What to Do It’s getting chilly here in Portland. The last thing […]

Why Is Your Check Engine Light On?

Posted on by Ken-admin

What is the Check Engine Light? The check engine light (CEL) is an orange, engine-shaped light that illuminates on the […]

What To Know About Buying Wet Tires

Posted on by Ken-admin

How To Choose Rain Tires Living in the Pacific Northwest, you can never be sure about the weather form one […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Wheel Alignment

Posted on by Ken-admin

Wheel Alignment is Crucial Wheel alignment does not necessarily involve only adjusting the wheels themselves, but the suspensions as well. […]

Answers to Your Car Repair Questions

Posted on by Ken-admin

We Have The Answers to Your Car Repair Needs If odd noises are coming from under the hood, strange smells […]


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